DANK - Pittsburgh Chapter
The German American National Congress (DANK) was founded in Pittsburgh in 1981 as the 58th Chapter of DANK  to bring together Germans and Americans of German ancestry in Western Pennsylvania. We aim to preserve and enjoy our German heritage, language and culture. We are not a political organization, however we endeavor to represent German - American interests.

DANK at the national level was founded in 1959 and maintains close relationships with our governmental and civic bodies, including the White House, federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as the German Embassy in Washington, consulates and other German organizations with cultural, education and commercial agendas.

In 1987 DANK was instrumental in the adoption of the Congressional resolutions declaring October 6th German American Day, which has been observed since then on a national level.

Together DANK with the Steuben Society of America and the United German American Committee of the U.S.A., the German American Joint Action Committee (GAJAC) was formed to promote this historic event. Leaders of the German American National Congress have been frequently invited to the White House by US presidents, as well as to functions by high ranking German government officials.  On the local level we are one of the founding members of the Alliance of Germanic Societies of Pittsburgh.

The local chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Mitteilungsblatt, informing our members of activities, events and issues of interest. Plus, our National office of the German American National Congress publishes a bi-monthly bilingual newspaper, the German American Journal, with news and activity reports for its members and friends. It is the voice of the organization and has a national distribution.
Objectives & Activities
 Foster friendship between the United States and Germany
- Promote a positive image of Germans among Americans.
- Establish exchange programs and cross-cultural activities among young Germans and Americans. 
- Conduct language schools for adults.
- Encourage and support German language and culture studies in public schools, colleges and universities.
- Facilitate genealogy research of German ancestry.
- Provide Social functions to our members and the community at large showcasing our Germanic culture
- Participate in local ethnic/cultural events representing the German-American community.
Any member in good standing, and who has interest in promoting the activities of the organization and Chapter can serve on the Board. Qualifications include having paid your dues and being current in your membership.  Officers of the organization must be an active member of the local chapter for a minimum of one year unless the Board waves that requirement due to the credentials of the individual.
DANK - Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress
America's only national organization celebrating Germanic heritage and culture, DANK was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. The intent of the founders and current mission of the organization is to preserve and celebrate the Germanic heritage and culture. Over the last 50 years, DANK has grown into the largest organization of Americans of German ancestry, with over 30 Chapters and 100 associated member societies. It is a non-political organization which endeavors to represent German-American interests on local, regional and national levels.
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Chapter President:
Peter Schlicht
Vice President
Eric Trainer
John Kugler
Membership Secretary:
Susan Andreone
Recording Secretary:
Natalie Kugler
Christine Sabatini, Jim Schmitt, Claudia Trainer, Diane Smith, John Smith
P. O. Box 24563
Pittsburgh, PA 15234